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Table FutureAdPro : Earnings with my clicks (Advertising company that shares its incomes with their members)

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Last update : December 01st, 2017 - version 3.90 

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This article talks about my earnings month after months that I have gotten with the clicks, the commissions from my independent partners, my sub-independent partner, from the adverts packs purchases.

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I - Historical :

  • The membership,
  • direct and undirect independent partners,
  • Registration's date,
  • The commissions from my independent partner, 
  • The number of $50 ad packs, 
  • The number of $10 ad packs,
  • My further purchases,
  • ...

My purchases of FutureAdPro - in this file : HERE 
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Withdrawals - in this file : HERE

→ FutureAdPro - Presentation Official Video : HERE
→ FutureNET - Official Presentation Videos : HERE
→ FutureNET - Company Official Presentation : HERE

Goals : 1 000 x $50 AdPacks + 100 x $10 ad packs

2017  :

xx/08/2017 : 50 packs à 50$ et 100 packs à 10$

2016  :

If you want consulting the commissions from my independent partners, please read this file : HERE
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If you want consulting my progression, please read this file : HERE
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30 Novembre 2016 : Purchase of the V membership for $100 - The proofs : HERE 
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II - Table of my earnings :

Table of my earnings 2016
YearMonth AdPacks $50/$10 (actives)My balance 

2016Janvier-- -- - - -

Février-- -- - - -

Mars0- -- - - -

Avril0- -- -- -


 - -1 - 0-

Juillet3 - -1 - 0 -

Août6- -3 - 0 -

Septembre9 - -3 - 0 -

Octobre11/0 1.75$ 633.42$731.65$ 3 -

2/12 6.27$26/0 -

Décembre12/74 3.05$
2/1225.02$29 -

Table of my earnings 2017
YearMonth AdPacks $50/$10 (actives)My balance

2017Janvier11/10035.89$ 1717.01$2/13 45.95$ 26/0 -

Février19/10011.62$ 2159.35$2/13 67.73$ 0/2 -

Mars29/10027.45$ 2807.59$2/13 100.14$ 0/0 -

Avril36/714.71$ 3478.81$2/13133.7$0/0 -

0.62$  4274.26$2/13173.46$0/0-

 304.15$ 5109.37$2/14 215.23$ 0/0-

Juillet39/100 50.01$ 5832.18$2/15 251.33$ 0/0 -

Août-- -- - 0/5 -

Septembre56/100 33.46$ 7 663$3/16 342.96$ 0/0 -

Octobre79/89 97.23$ 8941.56$3/17406.84$ 0/5 -

10 468.9$
4/18 303.210/0 -

Décembre- -
--- -

Explanations for January 2017 : One of my goals were to reach 100 x $10 ad pack that I have done this month ! So I have regressed on the $50 ad packs.
Explanations for February 2017 : Purchase of 2 x $50 ad packs. Slight increase due to the expiration of some ad packs at $50. Target for March 2017: 28 - 30 ad packs at $50 and still $ 100 to $10.
Explanations for March 2017 : No purchase of ad packs from my pocket this month. I only bought with my earnings in balance. To climb my account. Goal achieved ! Target for April 2016: 42 - 45 ad packs at $ 50 and still $ 100 to $ 10.
Explanations for April 2017 : I had to take 5 + 1 packages at $50, but problem with the processor and finally not so bad at the look of what happened. Expected goals, which I had anticipated, were not met for the reasons that the expirations of my packages of $50 ads were expired and mostly 26 packages at $10, then, one per day. Some will continue to expire for the month of May 2017. Objectives for the month of May: reach 45 packs until the May 20th, or even a little more. Then, take out ad packages for $10 for 20-30 days. 
Explanations for May 2017 : I had to reach 45 ad packs at $ 50 which was done because I even reached the 50 with proof in support. The expirations of my ad packs for $10, continued. Goals for the month of June: reach 55 packages at $50, 100 advertising packs at $10.
Explanations for June 2017 : I had to reach 55 and 100 of each pack, which could not be done due to expirations. But, I have, also, decided to let my balance up to make my first tcashout. It will be done on te July 03rd or 04th 2017 in order to put them on another program to have a second source of income in the future. Goals for the month of July: Reach 40 ad packs for $50 and  100 for $10.
Explanations for July 2017 : I had to reach 40 and 100 of each pack, which could be done at the morning of August the 1st, 2017. I did not make a withdrawal to buy packs on another site because it has retracted at the opening of the deposits. So, I Have bought packs on fap with my balance. Due to the expiration of my packs every two days, I stagnated in number of packs. Goals for the month of July: Reach 40 ad packs for $50 and  100 for $10.
Explanations pour September 2017 : I have forgotten to write here for the month of August of which I was able to buy 5 packs with my own money (and via the insurance of my bank card, I have recovered €50 of a steal of which I was the victim by credit card on my bank account), but my goal for this month of September was to reach 60 packs at $50, which could not be done. Due to the expiration of my packs every day, I have stagnated in number of packs between 54 to 57 packs; it was a very long month of September. But, good news arrived because I have gotten a new partner at the first level. Between October 08-10th 2017, I will be quiet for about 61 days without expiration. Goals for the month of October : So that I can advance a goal of 75 packs for $50, or more, because of my partners who are active and still $ 100 to $10, maybe even some expirations.
Explanations for October 2017 : 

That's it, one of my goals reached and surpassed, since instead of 75 packs for $50, I have gotten 79. But, a drop in my packs for $10 that I will compensate during the month of November 2017. I bought 5 packs for $250 + fees. I got a new active independent partner who started with 4 packs for $50 in FutureAdPro. Still no expired packs for $50 for the month of November 2017 which should be very good. Goals for the month of November 2017 : Reach 105 packs at $ 50 and 100 at $ 10.
Explanations for November 2017 : 
The aims of the October's month haven't been reached, because, firstly, I have forgotten to count  7 + 3 ad packs expirations and secondly, I haven't purchased 5 new packs for $250. My packs for $10 haven't gone down. I have gotten a new active independent partner who has started with 1 pack for $50 into FutureAdPro. Goals for the month of December 2017 : Reach 130 packs for $50 and purchase some packs for $10 to compensate for expirations because 125 packs at $50, it allows to buy a $50 pack a day and a $10 pack a day. Unfortunately, I will not be able to buy 5 new packs for $250. These 2 x 5 purchases of November and December would have been a big news for my FutureAdPro account and for the year 2018 so it will be longer, but I could finished the year with 150-160 packs at $50.
The calculations are done in private if you have interested to know them because prohibited by the conditions of use. You use the dedicated page to contact me: about : HERE or you can sign up into FutureAdPro from now : HERE - Watch the presentation official video : HERE


      FutureNET nouveau réseau social type facebook. Plus d'infos sur :

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